Sep 24, 2023Liked by Kabir Kadre

Thank you for writing all the beautiful attributes of your fathers life. I was his dental hygienist and also a peace corps volunteer. I truly loved and appreciated so many of our conversations. Lane also filled me with so much wisdom in his soft voice that I think I shall not be loosing him also. He definitely passed many of his attributes to you. Such a beautiful tribute. Thanks for taking the time to reflect, write and share. I’m appreciative. ❤️

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Aug 14, 2023Liked by Kabir Kadre

Kabir, I am catching up on saved messages... and am so moved by your writing about your father. To experience a taste of the arch of a life so richly lived... thank you for writing and sharing this.

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Kabir, Janice and I read this while sitting side by side. Thank you for sharing this eloquent and loving tribute to your father.

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