Or is it the 1st mile?
On voice dictation/transcription accessibility solutions for disabled users.
I said every day, I meant, for three. ;-)
Returning to the craft after a time away.
The starting line for new creative output.

January 2023

Flowing into the Future with Kabir Kadre and Fionn WrightListen now | A gradual river flowing to The Great Ocean of tomorrow…
Understanding our place in the Meta-Crisis…
On the nature of creative novelty.

December 2022

The phrase “lines in the sand,” comes to mind as I step out of the morning meditation and onto the proverbial page of the written word… It’s been a…

November 2022

Looking into the field of awareness, and there smiling back, the tone of the moment… A pregnant threshold between the identity that holds presence, and…
Modernity's aging population, and the fate of the world…

October 2022

The bells of 6 PM have barely quieted in the air, and the fall light dim against the blue sky, our new partner, a budding young naturopath student is…