Life as Art…

An exploration of the art of being human, an appreciation of the boundless territory of realizations and considerations available within that perspective of existence, this is simply whispering sweet kisses into the cosmos in the name of love.

This is not a blog to gain a following, audience, or niche to monetize or exploit. This is not my hat in the ring to become an Influencer.

I will be publishing here various thoughts on our evolving cosmos, these should be considered simply kaleidoscopic colors reported through the lens of one point of perception, and splashed onto the page as words for the amusement or dismissal of any who may choose to pass this way…

In addition to random thoughts, paid subscribers will receive periodic journal entries, similar in nature to those I've been publishing over the past few years. More personal, these will tell the story of these evolving lens closer to ground level and daily experience.

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Wisdom Counsel - The Art of Being Human


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