Life as Art
Life as Art
Flowing into the Future with Kabir Kadre and Fionn Wright

Flowing into the Future with Kabir Kadre and Fionn Wright

Open Field Awakening is a gradual river flowing to The Great Ocean of tomorrow…

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Recorded January 19, 2023

A conversational interview between Open Field Awakening founder, Kabir Kadre, and Fionn Wright, Personal Coach & Universifier.

Episode Notes:

Fionn Wright:

Open Field Awakening:


Kabir Kadre:

Kim Barta Shadow Course:

Article: Sea-Change (by Kabir):

Life as Art
Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange. Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: Ding-dong…
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Daniel Schmactenberger’s 3X3 Grid:

HICKORY podcast:

Sussex School: (Kabir's grade school)

Maureen Metcalf and Jim Ritchie-Dunham:

Otto Scharmer:


Bullshit Jobs by David Graber:

Teal Organizations, Frederick Laloux:

AT Ariyaratne:

Buurtzorg Nederland:

Robin Lincoln Wood:

Music by Coma-Media:

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Life as Art
Life as Art
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